Peers & Beers

About Peers & Beers

Peers & Beers is a unique collaborative effort with our very own Manor Hill Brewing. These exclusive events, highlighted by engaging speakers and local beers, are held at bars and restaurants throughout the District that feature delicious food and our award-winning, farm-brewed beers.

Next Seminar: RSVP NOW

Our next session on September 17th at Dacha Navy Yard, features MPI RISE Award Winner and renowned social media influencer, Alex Plaxen.  Join us as he informs event professionals on: Crisis Communication Planning, Effective Emergency Management, Auditing Vulnerabilities, and Leveraging Audio Visual Support.  RSVP by September 11th to secure your spot.


Upcoming Seminars

We are constantly looking for new and exciting content for our Peers & Beers series.  Some upcoming topics under development include:

  • Content with Sizzle: Moving Beyond Slides to Drive Home Messaging
  • Misdirection, Motion, and Memorable Events
  • Presentation Management and Image-Capture Solutions
  • Leveraging US AV Teams for International Events
  • Strategies for Increasing Exhibit and ICW Revenue
  • All or Nothing: The Changing Dynamics of Today’s AV Production Suppliers
  • Scalability and Scenic: Adding Big Show Flair on a Pipe & Drape Budget

Interested in staying up-to-date on all of our events?  Send an email to and ask to be added to our list!